Kingdom Citizens  Fellowship Ministries International, E.O.M and is a none denominational Ministry was birthed in the United States of America by Apostle Kenneth Richardson in Houston Texas. 
​It's his Passion to see others  excel and elevate themselves by  developing  their God given abilities and to establish their vision in media, also reaching out to the homeless, orphan, widows, and poor, and for that reason he have decided to lunched KCFMI.TV  in collaboration  with K.C.F.M.I Church in Trinidad and Tobago.  On October, 8th 2017 the ministry was launched Reaching out with the Gospel of the Kingdom.  is a TV and Radio Streaming Media Source, Providing Public Access To the community to develop their creative abilities offering basic training and access to editing suites, recording studio, TV Studio , Radio Studio with Streaming facility with Ustream, Live stream, Face book and Youtube, also access to Camera's, Microphones, and other equipment to perform and establish their vision goals. in Provides Conferencing facilities for producers and the public. 




Mrs Ila Charles

Co Founder and Secretary of KCFMI in Trinidad. West Indies

Visionary, Founder, General Overseer,  Senior Pastor: Kenneth Richardson.   K.C.F.M.I  / K.H. Radio U.S &  Evangelical  Outreach Ministries  


In every situation God has something to say, even when He seems to be quiet, He is still saying something" (Quote from  a well known Prophet").through the Gospel of the Kingdom  that is changing Nations and a troubled world, by  his faithful servants. Matthew 24:14.



Is to reach out with the Gospel of the Kingdom, this Gospel brings life to all peoples in every nations, of the world to the knowledge of the true and living God through his presence,  the Holy Spirit, which all believers have receives has created a spiritual atmosphere,  in every home through preaching,  teaching and witnessing by effectively using social media.Television and radio.


Our vision is to establish media centers to train men, women boys and girls to use the technologies that will usher them into the twenty first century so they will be better equip to face the challenges and learn to  discover and develop their God given abilities, and to be productive citizens.  

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