Kingdom Citizens Fellowship                            Ministries International in collaboration  Evangelical Outreach Ministries Fellowship

YOUR REQUEST: I am waiting with great anticipation                  to be in agree with you  in prayer and to see what God                is about to revealed and release to you right now. 

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                     Apostle Kenneth Richardson


  Apostle Kenneth Richardson is the General Overseer   Senior Pastor  of  K C F M I and E O M  and  Church  Planter,  Communications Engineer and  Business  Owner.

The visionary  and Executive Produce, Editor  and  Founder   of  KCFM I. TV  in the United states of  America. 

 He was born in Trinidad W. I  in  the  Caribbean.


Jesus  Christ who still empowers His  believers to change the world  with the Gospel of the  Kingdom. The Gospel of the Kingdom changes  his  life and he believes it can do the same for those who believes. ( GET READY ).

Matthew 24:14.

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Becoming a partner with  K C F M I is very rewarding, so its very important to sow your best seed.

When you give you are sowing seeds that will benefit the most needed families in the communities and country. and to assist us to reach out with the gospel of the kingdom that will enhance their spiritual, moral and physical growth. and help them to, recognize  and develop their God given abilities.

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Due to  covid19 indoor and outdoor activities are restricted, meetings are conducted virtually with our group "KCFMI LEADING GODS ARMY" every member is actively involved with the Evangelist in prayer, fasting, testifying & virtual presentation by the Apostle Kenneth Richardson 

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